Inspired by @Nicholas
  1. Sandwich 🍞
    Wheat bread, Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, ham, salami, muenster cheese, cucumber. It's so good. Important: the cheese cannot touch the condiments.
  2. Drink 🍹
    Currently: whiskey and ginger ale.
  3. Pizza 🍕
    Thin crust, red sauce, cheese, pepperoni, spinach, fresh garlic. Your breath will smell amazing.
  4. Wrap 🌯
    Pita pocket, lamb shawarma, tzatziki sauce, onions, pickled veggies, holy land garlic hummus (if you're ever in the twin cities, go there or buy some from the grocery store. It's delicious).
  5. Sushi 🚫🍣
    Nope. Nope. Nope. Nothing. Don't like it.
  6. Spa experience 💁🏼
    A shampoo and blow out, which includes a really long scalp massage while they wash your hair and then another one plus neck when you get to the chair. Pedicure including hot stone massage plus hot towel wrap. Manicure where you get to wash your hands after they file your nails and before they lotion your hands. Eyebrows waxed.
  7. Bagel
    Everything bagel, garlic herb cream cheese