As I prepare for my move to San Francisco, I'm going through some boxes at home that were haphazardly thrown together when I moved back to Minnesota from Indianapolis in June. Here's some little things I found that I've kept around.
  1. A keychain with my name on it.
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    Nothing ever says Eva on it. It's too rare of a name. So when my mom went to a conference in Santa Fe and found this keychain, she bought it for me. Since then, the keychain has broken and the design has rubbed off, but my name has stayed!
  2. A piece of cardboard that says Kuwait Airport Security
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    In college, I worked at baby gap. One night, I was helping with flow and noticed this sticker on one of the boxes. It was so odd that I cut it off the box and have kept it. This was back in 2009 or 2010.
  3. A bird band
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    In my junior year of college, I took a bird biology course to fulfill my science requirement. This was basically rocks for jocks. Athletes, theater school students, and music school students (me) were the only ones in the class as we signed up for classes first. We basically hung out at a lily pool next to the Lincoln Park Zoo and caught birds in a net to look at them. Our prof was part of a group of people who band birds for research. Every one in the class got one of these bands.
  4. A broken car key
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    In high school, I would drive my dad's (really old) Volvo sometimes. One Fourth of July, my friends and I were headed to pick up our friend Nimo who was working at a Staples or Office Max. Anyways, I went to lock the car and the key broke off in the lock. Luckily my dad drove over in my moms car to rescue us. I guess it was a hot day!
  5. A homemade pin
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    Last year I hosted a Galentines Day Party. My sister surprised me and flew in from San Francisco for the party - she planned it all with my roommate. I flipped my shit I was so excited!!! She wore this button to the party. It was the best.