Inspired by @nathanveshecco
  1. I was 13.
  2. I was in 8th grade.
  3. I was severely depressed.
  4. I was trying to figure out where I wanted to go to high school.
  5. I wished I was friends with the popular kids.
  6. I hated my body.
  7. I wished I had a boyfriend.
  8. I wanted to be a plastic surgeon.
  9. I hated myself a lot of the time.
  10. ...
  11. I didn't know that someday, I would be 26, living in San Francisco, with a masters degree.
  12. I didn't know that depression would continue to be a major part of my life and that there can be some very low lows, but there can also be really great moments.
  13. I didn't know that I would wind up going to Southwest high school, where I would continue to have friend problems, but I would have friends from different cliques. That this would be a theme forever, but that it's ok to have close friends from different parts of your life. That I wouldn't need to be part of some group.
  14. I didn't know that I would continue to hate my body. That at 26, I don't love my body, but that I'm starting to take steps to feel better about my body. That even though I'm heavier now, I appreciate my body so much more.
  15. I didn't know that I would one day have a boyfriend in college that wasn't the greatest. That I still get upset about, but have started to recognize what I learned during that relationship - about me and about the type of guy I want to be with.
  16. I didn't know that I would not be a plastic surgeon, instead I would pursue a bachelors of music and then a masters in philanthropy. That I would be in the nonprofit and philanthropic world. And that I would love being a part of this world.
  17. I didn't know that I would sometimes continue to hate myself, but that I would also reach a point where I can accept where I am and get excited for all that life will have to offer.
  18. 🐙🍄💛