Get it? It's a NEORSD TShirt
  1. A few days ago, I received a package in the mail. From none other than @neorsd!!!
  2. I knew it was coming, because I won a tshirt for commenting on a list! MY EMOTIONAL JOURNEY REGARDING THE 2015 LIST APP SECRET SANTA, ILLUSTRATED
  3. It was like Secret Santa Round Two. Shout out to @ChrisK 💩🎅🏼
  4. I opened up the package and this glorious folder was inside
  5. I opened the folder, and inside was this adorable little button
  6. Pinned to this amazing tshirt!
  7. Today I am PROUDLY wearing my tshirt to my local coffee shop as I work on a research paper. No one has asked me about it. :(
  8. Thank You @neorsd!!! I will now forever have a story of how I have this tshirt from the Cleveland Sewer District, all thanks to this app. Shoutout to @bjnovak too.