Because when you have no job and your 88 year old grandma lives by herself, why not go visit for a while.
  1. Getting past a stair chair is difficult
  2. Grandma did NOT like The Office
    "The main guy just made funny noises with his mouth and that does not tickle me."
  3. It is important to turn the tv volume back up to 65 before you go to bed so it's loud in the mornjng
  4. The fish my grandma caught many years ago feels funny
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  5. Grandma eats dinner at 4:00. Don't eat dinner with her. It's too early.
  6. Make sure to wear layers because it can get hot in a house kept at 75 degrees
  7. Take the trash out before you go to bed because even in an immaculately kept house, Grandma thinks bugs will get in if you leave a napkin in the trash bin over night
  8. Harry Potter? Too much of a young persons show. Ice Road Truckers? Yeah!
  9. I've seen one episode of Game of Thrones. Grandma is on Season FOUR.