Inspired by many
  1. People from Minneapolis
  2. People who alphabetize their books
  3. People who have very specific ways of approaching jigsaw puzzles
  4. People who watch tv live when it actually airs
  5. People in philanthropy
  6. People who studied music in college
  7. People who have struggled with their weight
  8. People who don't know how to categorize themselves in terms of their type of personality
  9. People who aren't super fans of anything but have a solid appreciation for a variety of things
  10. People who listen to Throwing Shade
  11. People who like to do crafts every once in a while but aren't very good at them
  12. People who can't lie to their parents
  13. People who call their mom at least once a day
  14. People who didn't grow up with cable
  15. People who went to a lot of weird summer camps growing up