I didn't have the option to study abroad in college and have only been out of the country twice. I can't wait to travel - once I have the time and money!! :)
  1. Iceland
    Thanks for your recommendations @helga!! Every part of this country seems beautiful. I'm not a big outdoorsy person in that I'm not one to go on epic hikes or go camping. But I like being in nature.
  2. Norway
    @p and @dev have good lists on this. While I'm there, I'd like to go to Sweden and Finland as well. I have Norwegian heritage and my sisters boyfriend has Finnish heritage, so my sister thinks we should all go together. (I'm not sold on that idea yet)
  3. Lithuania, again
    I went there the summer of 2006 with my grandparents, my mom, three of her brothers, my sister, and six of my cousins. Both of my grandparents are Lithuanian so they wanted to show us our heritage. It was beautiful. But I'd like to visit again in not such a large group. I also think visiting again when I'm not 16 would be better.
  4. Wales, Ireland, England
    Honestly, I could live without visiting London(someone convince me why I should go!) I grew up in a moderately sized city and lived in Chicago for six years. But I don't like visiting big cities very much. It's too overwhelming. Like Iceland, these places seem gorgeous. Also I kind of want to see them because of the one scene in the Kiera Knightley Pride and Prejudice where she is standing on the cliff in the wind and the sun is rising and the music is playing? I like that part.
  5. Turkey and Bosnia
    My family was a host family for international students at Macalester College. Students didn't live with us but if they needed a home cooked meal, they'd come over or spend holidays. One of the women, Amra was from Bosnia. Then her family had to move to Turkey. Her and her husband live in Qatar now. She works for Al-Jazeera. She is amazing. So I would love to visit with her family and explore these countries. (Amra's dad made the designs for this bridge to be rebuilt after it has been destroyed)
  6. Singapore
    Another one of our host students, Katyana, was from Singapore. Her dad used to be the Director of Security for the Baha'i Headquarters in Israel, which I always thought was a fun fact. She too has a fascinating background so it would be neat to see where she grew up.
  7. Train rides through British Columbia and Alberta
    I once took the train from Chicago to San Francisco. It was beautiful. Train food is not the greatest and I certainly got antsy towards the end (it was almost three days) but seeing parts of the country from views you can't see in a car or regular plane was amazing. I've heard that the trains through these parts of Canada are incredible.
  8. Alaska
    Never been. It sounds amazing.
  9. Florida Keys
    Because why not?! My godmothers husband says the last time he was hit on was when he was in the Keys. He looks like a bear (but is straight). Haha. I've been to many parts of the US but think that it would be neat to go to the southern most point.
  10. All of the MN State Parks
    I love my great home state of Minnesota. There are 67! I've been to quite a few, but most of them when I was much younger. There are also two national monuments, one national park, one national scenic river way, one national trail (it's part of a trail going from New York to North Dakota), and a national river and recreation area (the Mississippi River, basically. I grew up three blocks away!)
  11. A road trip across the US
    Just because. I may just wind up being one of those people who retires and buys an RV. My godmother has one and her and her husband drive across the country, but they'll also just take it to the beach. They live in Southern California.