I recently moved into a house in San Francisco. (Renting one of the bedrooms) There are some... Interesting parts of it.
  1. A mini greenhouse sort of thing. It just hangs out in the middle of the common area.
  2. An old old oven that doesn't really work
  3. Popcorn ceilings... WITH GLITTER
    Those weird little speckles? That's glitter. It's bizarre.
  4. A pink bathroom
  5. A weird window covering
  6. And lastly this picture...
  7. That needs two pictures.
    My sister gave me this odd hologram as a welcome to San Francisco gift... The gift bag also included a succulent, a Janis Joplin cd, a clipper card (so I can take the Bart to work!), a yoga mat, and a mystery that takes place in Chinatown. PS: hi from the reflection to the side. 👋🏻