1. For the past six months and a few days, I have been unemployed, living at home, and searching for a job.
  2. I received my MA in the spring and even though I thought it would be easier to find a job after grad school than it was after college, I was entirely wrong.
  3. Fast forward to October, and I applied for a position with a B Corp in DC. I had a phone interview, and they said you're not right for that position, but we think you could be right for a different position at a different office.
  4. So I had another phone interview and in the end of the interview had to decide whether I wanted to live in New York or San Francisco. Right then and there. I chose SF as my sister lives there. It was a little bit terrifying.
  5. So then, I had another phone interview!
  6. And then I had to take a test and do some work samples.
  7. And then they flew me out to San Francisco for two interviews with three people. That day I flew four flights (they weren't direct flights) and was up for 24 hours for 1.5 hours worth of interviews. My ankles were so swollen by the time I was back home.
  8. Then I had another phone call to review some things.
  9. Then I waited a week and had to send over my reference's cell phone numbers as none of them were in their offices this week.
  10. Today I received an email from the woman who would potentially be my boss' boss to review the position.
  11. And today at 4:30, I received a phone call offering me the job!!
  12. So, I'm moving to San Francisco. I have a week long training in DC in basically 2.5 weeks and then I'm off to SF. I have to pack up my life again and ship everything off.
  13. Everyone tells you that it's who you know that matters. That's how you'll find a job. And yet, I didn't have a connection to this firm. I had connections to so many other places and wonderful references, and yet I'm off to a company where I knew no one.
  14. But I am so excited. Like, beyond thrilled!!!
  15. And that's how insane the job market is these days.