My parents are 61. They've lived in the same house for 27 years (my whole life plus a little bit). They're a little late on some things... PS: Rereading this list made me realize these are all super first world problems. 🤑😐
  1. Cordless Phones
    All of their telephones still have cords. Not a single wireless one.
  2. Caller ID
    Still don't have it. It doesn't matter as much anymore since most calls happen on their cell phones, but in middle and high school it was so annoying not to have it!!
  3. Wireless Internet
    They didn't get wireless internet until my junior year of college, which was in 2009-10. Thank goodness they got it, but it's incredibly slow and if you want to be on your phone, iPad, and computer, it's just not going to work.
  4. Television sets with remotes
    This took quite some time. Once I was in middle school we had a tv with a remote, but when I was younger we had to actually walk up and change the channel or adjust the volume. We still have bunny ears on our tv and constantly have to adjust them.
  5. Cable
    They still don't have it. I never had cable growing up. It wasn't until I was in college that I had cable (and for whatever reason I keep getting it even though there are a million other ways to watch shows).
  6. Recording Shows
    Since they don't have cable and have awful Internet (and wouldn't know how to watch anything online anyways), my parents still record tv shows on a VHS tape. They've got the fancy half DVD half vcr player. My mom works a ridiculous amount and so my dad records shows and they'll watch them together. The picture is horrible and fuzzy.
  7. Music... Sort of
    My parents put my sister and I in music lessons when we were very little (I was 3) and so anytime we were in the car, classical music was playing. If we were in the house listening to music, it was either the soundtrack to The Big Chill, gospel, or a mandolin player. I listened to a few nsync and backstreet boys songs and had a spice girls cd and nelly furtado cd, but other than that, I'm clueless when it comes to 90s and early 00s music.
  8. ...
    I didn't grow up in a rural area, in a cult, or in a super religious family. We lived in a normal house in Minneapolis, MN and were middle class. I think not advancing with technology made me a bit of a Luddite but that's okay!! I'm sure I'll overcompensate when I have kids and they'll basically be robots. 🤖