On Thursday, it'll be two months since I moved from Minnesota to San Francisco! Here's what's happened so far... (Side note: this is my March Madness entry for the Midwest against @BWN_7. Shout out to @aus10 for organizing!)
  1. I stayed with my sister for a few days when I moved here and saw how beautiful the density in this city can be.
  2. I got sick when I moved in to my new apartment and slept on a broken air mattress while I waited for my things to arrive from Minnesota.
  3. I explored my neighborhood. And came upon this DIVINE bakery (there is a scene of the last supper painted above their name. #jokes)
  4. I started seeing a personal trainer and took obnoxious pictures of the sunset.
  5. I went to Fort Funston with my sister and her boyfriend...
  6. ...And made this little guy out of someone's foot print on the sand.
  7. I got a standing desk at work.
  8. I hiked AGAIN! This time at Mount Diablo near Walnut Creek.
  9. I became the Madonna.
  10. I took a somewhat impromptu trip to LA and met @emilyannlosey! We saw the Throwing Shade Talent Show. And this puppy that looks like a panda.
  11. I also saw some bomb ass fossils at The La Brea Tar Pit Museum.
  12. I took more obnoxious sunset pictures.
  13. I traveled to DC for work for a company wide retreat. And rapped. In front of the whole company. Luckily I had my office friends by my side!
  14. I tried to run a 5k but got horrible shin splints fairly quickly so I took a picture instead.
  15. And this morning, I drank coffee out of a god damn bowl!
  16. Cheers!