You can find as many cliches about the difference b/w fashion and style as you can about how there's two kinds of people in the world. Here are 5 fashion trends to avoid & styley options to guide you.
  1. High top basketball shoes in outrageous color schemes.
    Instead, bag a pair of white "shell-toe" Adidas.
  2. "Beat up" expensive combat boots.
    Invest in some wingtip dress boots you'll be proud of for years.
  3. Expensive, designer t-shirts.
    Get something that's all cotton, slim fit, and....white (which goes with everything).
  4. Anything with metal studs.
    In a year and a half, you'll wonder what you were thinking. Save your money for a clean pair of Chucks or leather shoes WITHOUT metal.
  5. Distressed jeans
    I understand the whole mythos of lived-in denim, but the real distressing thing is this look. (heh, heh. See what I did, there?) Styley jeans are dark, indigo, and clean. Even if you never wash them.