You only use Angostura Bitters to make Manhattans? Boy, do you have another thing coming.
  1. Some time ago, @gabimoskowitz and I were hanging out with @mudaba and Michael.
    The Packers were losing a huge game and the stress was giving me "tummy yuckers."
  2. @mudaba offers me a nice, cool glass of seltzer, which a readily accept, and proceeds to ask the question that changed my life forever.
    Would you like a few dashes of Angostura bitters in it?
  3. At first, this seemed absurd. Bitters are for cocktails, right?
  4. But then I remembered an antique tchochkey from my parents' bathroom.
    44058673 1 m
    This came from a time when the line between medicine and booze was a bit unclear.
  5. In fact, think about the word "Tonic." For your Gin & Tonic, right?
    But back in the day, "Tonic" meant "a thing that 'tones' you." You know, for your health.
  6. Anyhow, I took a few sips of seltzer and bitters and by Jove, it was delicious!
    What did it taste like? Sorta like Underberg. Not surprising, since Underberg (which I've drank many times) is also "bitters" and it's marketed to settle your tummy after eating too much Hasenpfeffer mit Spaetzle.
  7. Well, that little novelty sippy has become a go-to drink around Chez Wolkenstein.
    Why drink regular bubbles when you can sip refreshing bitter bubbles!
  8. How to make it:
    It's 3 steps. Like "Dick in a box." Step 1: Get a glass of seltzer.
  9. Step 2: Add bitters to taste.
    Step 3. Stop adding bitters. And that's the way you do it.
  10. So now, when you're at a bar and you're not drinking alcohol, but you don't want a dumb ol' Coke (or a seltzer with a lemon)...
    Proudly request a seltzer with a few dashes of Angostura. The barkeep will think you're a baller.
  11. WARNING: Advanced Angostura application.
    I was drinking a rootbeer minding my own business when it occurred to me: the taste of bitters is not unlike rootbeer. WHAT IF?!
  12. So...
  13. YEE-BOY!