Colleagues are cross between trusty team-mates and siblings who you wish you could lock in the attic. Especially at 8am.
  1. People who jump on me with an action item while I'm walking in the door.
    I will not be ready for action until 10:30. See you then.
  2. Complaining conspiratorially about the coffee.
    Up there with complaining conspiratorially about the weather.
  3. Cereal crunches / slurpers.
    Cereal is for home. I will permit you a morning bun if you won't talk to me until 1030.
  4. Anyone more chipper or more morose than I am.
    Let's walk the fine line between obnoxious and depressing.
  5. Telling me about your weekend while I'm clearly running late to an early meeting.
    I don't want to be rude, but I'm not just running late. Notice how I'm actually RUNNING?