I run a morning teen-discussion group which is mostly occupied with students telling and listening to each other's stories. I try to get them to see beyond their own lives, as well. Enter #GivingTuesday. Thanks, @list - for motivating today's initiative. Here's the story.
  1. Teacher depicted here. Students not shown because of #release #liability #online perverts, etc.
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  2. Every day, we have a different activity
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    Monday: Frooshbox (think: random prompts from a discussion box). Tuesday: Psychic Dictionary (think charades plus free-association of personal anecdotes). Wednesday: Prompt Bag (think random topics, everyone shares). Thursday: Interview / This American Life day. Friday: Freaky Friday (mayhem).
  3. It's a little bit cult-like.
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    But just a little.
  4. Lots of odd props.
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    This is the Psychic Dictionary, a thermos of Yerba Mate, and a dry-erase marker. Don't ask.
  5. Today, I introduced the idea of #GivingTuesday
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  6. We give Tzedakah (Hebrew for charity) every week, but this is like, #superTzedakah because everyone's doing it.
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  7. Students give cash, and we use an app called "One Today" to select a cause.
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    Check out 'Tents For Makeshift Classrooms In Nepal' from Yours Humanly. – One Today by Google https://onetoday.google.com/p/1n144lfi
  8. We've given hundreds of dollars over the years. All in pocket change.
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  9. We voted...
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  10. This week, we will give our money to Yours Humanly, and keep the campaign going for a whole week.
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    They care for the needs of children, with a range of worldwide causes. This one provides tent-classrooms for schools that have been hit by natural disasters in Laos.
  11. A rag-tag group of teens changes the world.
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    I love the beautiful irony of students (who groan about school) giving money for other kids to go to school. It tells you how much they actually value education. This stuff is in-tents.