Agents are evil, tacky tech-dudes who happen to know Kung-fu. You, on the other hand, are a bad-ass, styley tech-savvy dude whose main Kung-fu move is kicking ass on Listapp. 1 thing in common? Suit.
  1. Note: Agent Smith. Jerk. Wearing a jerky suit.
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  2. 1. To differentiate yourself from Agent Smith, avoid the spook-suit. Try something with a print. #houndstooth
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  3. 2. Pair said suit with a turtle-neck.
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  4. 3. Find some desert boots and get up on some colored laces.
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  5. 4. Walk with pride that no-one will run away from you and try to jump into a payphone.
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  6. 5. Pair suit with patterned-shirt. Wear an "air tie."
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    Air-tie = button to top button. No tie. Only works with razor sharp tailoring. Take shirt to tailor and ask for "razor sharp tailoring."
  7. 6. Avoid grey altogether. Agent Smith would never wear a tweed suit.
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  8. 7. Imagine Agent Smith in burgundy.
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    Not gonna happen.
  9. 8. Mash up the same pattern but different color jacket and trousers.
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    You will not be confused for an Agent.
  10. 9. Break some rules
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    Wear plaid on plaid. "Fuck you, Agent Smith!"
  11. 10. Avoid wearing an earpiece and creepy shades.
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    Instead, wear chalk-stripe navy blue. (For more of my drawings, check out #inSTYLgram on Instagram!)
  12. If all else fails, wear a trench coat.
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    No would would confuse Neo for an Agent.