At some point, it became clear that I would need to be able to talk about the sports if I wanted to connect to local dudes. It has taken some practice, but I believe I have perfected the skill/art.
  1. Stand or sit in open, friendly posture, but do not make eye contact.
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  2. Look around and see if there is a TV.
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    It might be playing the sports.
  3. Notice if there is anyone next to you of the dude persuasion.
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  4. Murmur out of the corner of your mouth, "crazy game, huh?"
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  5. If dude-person ignores you, move to new location.
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  6. If dude-person remarks on how any player is doing, remark, "unbelievable!"
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  7. If dude-person remarks on prior game, remark, "unbelievable!"
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  8. If anything happens on screen indicating something either very good or very bad, bellow, "unbelievable!"
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  9. If dude-person raises hand for hand-slappage, you may proceed to slap hand: once only.
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  10. For duration of game, periodically remark, "unbelievable," varying tone to reflect delight, disgust, or ennui.
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