You want to wear tough-ass boots, but you don't want to look like a vagabond. I understand the dilemma, son. Here's how to walk the line between rugged and rakish.
  1. Pick a brand with recognizable, iconic flair. My current fave: Red Wing Moc Toe American Made bad-ass boots.
    No one ever said they have to be brown or black. Why would you NOT want them to be blue?!
  2. Wear with denim. But not ripped, baggy crap jeans. Find some rigid indigo Levi's.
    Extra points for selvedge cuffs. For more on that, see @dcerruti 's excellent list: 10 EASY TIPS FOR DUDES TO UP THEIR FASHION GAME
  3. Put on a knit tie.
    Don't know what a knit tie is? Look close - would you wear a sweater made out of the same material? Yes? Knit tie. Thanks for the pic, @gq
  4. Wear with a blazer.
    Not a suit jacket, you beast. A blazer. Looks like a suit jacket (lapels) but made of thick, comfy, plaid wool.
  5. Pair with a denim jacket.
    Yes, I know you know the phrase Texas Tuxedo. Throw that worry in the trash. If the denim's dark, it's double dope.
  6. Want a look a bit less dandy?
    Ok, I get that. Try a shawl-neck sweater and rugby shirt. Bad-ass and yet on-point.
  7. For a deeper dive, check out StyleForDorks: