When I was 5, I taught myself to play the Close Encounters Of the Third Kind "spaceship summoning melody" on an electronic keyboard. That was the beginning of learning a lot of instruments.
  1. Clarinet
    I was 6 and only played in for two months, but if I tried it again, I could probably honk out a melody.
  2. Casio Keyboard
    Remember the song it played when you hit "demo?"
  3. Violin
    Yitzchak Perlman was on Sesame Street performing Bach's something-or-other and I was hooked. Played for four years. Never practiced. Still, I was pretty good.
  4. Harmonica
    Bought at a toy store in Madison, WI. According to apocryphal testimony (my mother) I could play "Oh, Suzanna" by the time we made it back to the hotel.
  5. Guitar
    My first, true, instrument love. Learned to play cock-rock (AC/DC) then fingerstyle, zydeco, jazz, blues, Barenaked Ladies covers, Wierd Al Yankovic, camp songs, wrote 10 songs, studied classical, did musical comedy. Now, guitar mostly leans against the wall. Most often played for high school audience in faculty talent shows and the like.
  6. Lute
    Yeah, weird. Baroque lute has 23 strings and needs tuning every 23 seconds. That lasted a year.
  7. Drums
    If guitar was my first, true, head-over-heels musical love, drums are my second, wiser marriage. It allowed me to do what I really wanted to do: lose myself in music and not worry so much. Played with a few students just today!
  8. Hand drum: jimbe, dumbek, etc.
    I teach people to play these and I appreciate that a hand drum is more available than a drum set. Honestly, I can inadvertently turn any object im holding into a hand drum. At times, it can be annoying to my friends and loved ones.
  9. Suitcase
    Used it as a bass drum while busking, a few crazy summers back when I was a lad. There was also a coffee can and metal mixing bowl attached.
  10. Jaw harp
    You can only do two things with a jaw harp. I can do them both. (play fast / play slow)
  11. Bass guitar
    Sometimes, fun to play it because the bass player is the funkiest dude in the room when the music finds the groove.
  12. Piano
    A few songs. One original...some Beatles.
  13. Birembau
    Played this for 10 years while studying Capoeira Angola. Recently heard it in the music of The Tempest, watching with @gabimoskowitz. Resisted urge to remind @gabimoskowitz that I can play that instrument.
  14. Pandeiro
    Like a tambourine but weighs double and hurts the hand until you become a pandeiro badass. I was that for a while. Was a Capoeira Angola thing.
  15. Wash tub bass
    No comment
  16. Wrote this song to celebrate my best friend's little boy's made up vocabulary. All the instruments are me...but none of them are actually instruments. Wierd thing, digital music...