As clothing hoarder, I am well qualified to tell you what I should get rid of. And, by extension, you should, too. For more in depth polemic, visit //
  1. Obscure T-shirts you thought were cool when you were in college.
  2. Slip on hybrid shoes
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  3. Dress shoes with a square toe and/or big stitching
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  4. Short sleeve shirts with floppy / flappy sleeves
  5. Pants that puddle up around your ankles (donate or bring to a tailor.)
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  6. Shirts where the seams aren't right smack dab on your shoulders.
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  7. Old man caps.
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    The exception is the "six panel ivy cap."
  8. Shiny, wide silk ties
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  9. Shirts with "epaulets" and / or unnecessary stitching
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  10. Anything too big.
    "too big" is a synonym for "yucky looking."
  11. Baggy jeans
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  12. Cargo shorts
    Cargo beep-beep.
  13. Anything you haven't worn for a year and can't promise to wear in the next 2 months.