I just spent 5 days with my pseudo-nephew and niece. I'm on the plane home...and I miss them already.
  1. They hug you hello with their whole selves.
  2. They lean on you while deep in thought.
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    It took me 25 hours to complete the game Machinarium ( http://bit.ly/1ynDJAE ) It took the 8 year old 4 hours spread out over two days.
  3. They solve a problem after working on it a long time.
    Little mini fist pump.
  4. They have a conversation with each other about what food reminds them of.
    "Does it taste like meatballs?"
  5. They explain why they like things.
    "This is a very good movie because it teaches me about friends."
  6. They compliment adults.
    "You're the best at puzzles."
  7. They brush their teeth.
    Back and forth, up and down. Very precise.
  8. When they make up songs and sing to themselves.
    Here's a song I recorded on Garage Band using scraps of lyrics penned by the 4 year old//bit.ly/1FINvgD
  9. They can entertain themselves with a non-toy, as if it's the best toy in the world, for hours.
    Bungee cord. Cardboard box. Buttons.
  10. They have strong opinions that are well founded.
    Aged gouda IS better than American cheese!
  11. They need help and appreciate it.
    It IS difficult to get the little Lego squares off the bigger Lego squares. You're so welcome!
  12. They hug you goodbye with their whole selves.