12-1, Pacific Time http://bit.ly/1P13qMM
  1. You have a questions about a trendy look you've been seeing.
    Is it for you? How to do it? How to keep the cost down?
  2. You've been getting "feedback" about something you're wearing.
    Some guy at work tells you that you're "doing it wrong." Is he incorrect AND a dick? Or just a dick.
  3. Your significant other hints that s/he'd like to see you wear ______ more often.
    "Great. I'm supposed to wear sweaters/navy blue/striped socks more often. Where do I procure such oddities?"
  4. You're about to have a very important meeting/date/life transitional event.
    What does one wear for a job interview /a first date with a someone you're afraid might be "out of your league"/ turning 40 and freaking out about it?
  5. You'd like a little non-snooty advice from someone who gets style and who a. doesn't think it's magic, b. doesn't think "you got it or you don't," c. makes his living explaining difficult ideas to people with partially developed frontal cortexs.
    If I can explain to a 15 year old what a "Hapex Legomenon" is, I have a fighting chance of explaining to curious adults the rules of what colors go with what.
  6. See you then!
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