I teach high school. I watch and listen. It gets weird sometimes.
  1. Tell your friends that they're "so annoying."
  2. Hug random people without warning.
  3. Sit on people's laps while talking to someone else.
  4. Throw things at people you like.
    Popcorn is best. Art supplies will do, in a pinch.
  5. Interrupt with the phrase "You know what I hate?"
  6. Perfect your "annoyed growl."
  7. Scold by using the phrase "Oh my GOD, (INSERT NAME)."
  8. Tell your friends you hate them.
  9. Interrupt with phrase "You know what I LOVE?"
  10. Perfect cruel cackle.
  11. Refuse to look frenemies in the eye.
  12. Eat alone while staring into space.
  13. Lay in a big pile
  14. Run full speed after your friend down a crowded hallway
  15. Steal things from friends.
    eg. Calculator, pen, bag of Oreos.
  16. Hit your thief-friend repeatedly to get your stuff back.
  17. Lean your face on friend's arm.
  18. Give sketchy, unnecessary back rubs.
  19. Share headphones.
  20. Point at friend and laugh.
  21. Drink Monster energy drink and talk frenetically
  22. Be awful to friends.
    Two minutes later, be incredibly kind and loving to same friends.