Saying that style is about self expression is a bit of a cliche but very true: it shows inner life on the outside. I've documented my week via style-portraits. For more musing, see
  1. Sunday: when @gabimoskowitz and I are having a relaxing day out, I don't see it as a chance to wear "whatever." I see if as a chance to wear something fun and relaxed and sharp. Why settle for a t-shirt when you can rock a clean Polo for a throwback, casual look?
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  2. Monday: wherein the "shepherd check" suit becomes a snazzy jacket to pair with dark trousers and a funky tie. Notice the vintage tie bar? Found it in an antique store.
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  3. Tuesday: one good thing about getting up at an ungodly hour to teach high-school...morning light is amazing for steez-selfies. Here, I'm demonstrating my embarrassingly recently acquired skill: the half Windsor knot.
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  4. Wednesday: collaborative project with the cat.
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  5. Thursday: sometimes, it's fun to break rules. Pair herringbone jacket with herringbone tie and pretend you didn't even mean to.
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  6. Friday: grey grey grey grey RED!!!
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  7. Saturday: dressed up for an evening out. Classic cuts speak for themselves!
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