Saying that style is about self expression is a bit of a cliche but very true: it shows inner life on the outside. I've documented my week via style-portraits. For more musing, see
  1. Sunday: out for a walk on the bay with @gabimoskowitz - navy blue to match the seaside.
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  2. Monday: breaking up Monday blah with a pop of color: bandana in the pocket. Mash up navy gingham against window pane. Monday wasn't bad for a Monday.
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  3. Tuesday: flower lapel reps the fact that hope springs eternal, even on day 2 of a long week. And no, it's not a real fake-flower.
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  4. Wednesday: they say "go big or go home." I went with big. Big stripes. And some little stripes for good measure.
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  5. Thursday: at this point, I am so in the groove, I'm in color-sync with the local trash cans.
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  6. Friday: a toasty-warm blazer-sweatshirt for a cloudy day.
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