When I was first becoming interested in men's style, I documented my outfits with awful-looking selfies. I'd look them over and reflect: what was working & what wasn't? Now, as a style-blogger ( StyleForDorks.com ) I feel good about what I'm putting together, and @gabimoskowitz is kind enough to drag herself out of bed for the daily photo.
  1. Sunday
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    Watch by Nooka. Shirt: Black Fleece by Brooks. Jacket: Marc Jacobs. Shoes: Allen Edmonds Orange Tootsie-roll pop by Tootsie-roll.
  2. Monday
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    Sweater, shirt, pants: Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers
  3. Tuesday
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    Sweater: Banana Republic. Tie: Thetiebar.com. Shirt: Club Monaco. The non-silk tie is inspired by @gq 4 THINGS YOU PROBABLY DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT TYING A TIE
  4. Wednesday
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    Jacket, sweater and tie: Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers. Jeans: Levi's
  5. Thursday
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    Shirt: Hugo Boss. Tie: Marc Jacobs. Shoes: Grenson
  6. Friday
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    Jacket: Menk (designed and made in SF) Tie: Dibi Ties
  7. Saturday
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    Suit and tie: Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers