Per @dev 's request. The thing about "Black Tie" attire: it's not simply about wearing a black tie. I know, right?! I've made that mistake a few times, wearing a black tie with paint-splattered overalls. So why don't they just call it "Rent an Ugly Tux?" Groan! Well, here's how to beat the Black Tie at its own game.
  1. Right out of the starting gate, you can crush it with a white "dinner jacket."
    Don't worry about the name - a "dinner jacket" is the baller's tux, and it's welcome at any black tie affair. It's more playful and yet just as swanky as the usual black jacket.
  2. Keep the black tie - but make everything else so very not black.
    You can find tux jackets with emerald green, cobalt blue, burgundy, and rich mahogany. Baller moves, all.
  3. Here's a fantastic look: "formal seersucker."
    Sounds like an oxymoron - but feast your eyes on this. BTW, Black Fleece, the collaboration of Thom Browne (cutting edge, designed Michelle Obama's inaugural dress) and Brooks Brothers' (old-school classy) collaboration, is melting down at the end of this seasonSnap one of these babies up before the world comes to an end.
  4. If these aren't creative enough, I might suggest a few of these "advanced style swerves."
    Wear at your own risk.
  5. Wear a Black Fleece cropped tux and look like the unholy and awesome spawn of Angus Young and James Bond.
    Don't forget your electric guitar and pistol.
  6. Wear a typical tuxedo but swap out the tie for one of these little doodads.
  7. Wear a traditional black tux but accessorize with one of these.
  8. Wear a tux - but get it from a thrift shop, or from your future father-in-law's closet.
    Powder blue and apricot will do nicely. Pair with mustache for maximum effect. (Hi, @Larry !)
  9. Keep the traditional color scheme but with a few unconventional variations.
    These gentlemen are heading off to a night of revelry in their avante garde black-tie attire.
  10. You can always resort to one of these.