Hint: It's not to warm up leftovers.
  1. Put a slice of cheese on a plate. 2 minutes. It's a CHEESE CRACKER.
  2. Put a marshmallow peep on a plate. One minute. It's huge! Then it's a glob!
  3. Put an empty Lays Potato Chip bag on a plate. 20 seconds. It expands and then collapses into the white dwarf of the bag world!
    At your own risk.
  4. Put one of those neck warmer things on a plate. One minute. Moist heat!
  5. Put a vegetarian sausage on a plate. Two minutes past the time it's supposed to go for. Chewy!
  6. Put bag of microwave popcorn on a plate. Two minutes. Whole building smells like movie theater. Hot, unpopped kernels!
  7. Put a Krispy Kreme on a plate. Confuse 10 seconds with 1 minute. Fusion reaction!