1. Going to bed on clean sheets after a warm shower
    To all you morning shower-ers this may sound unorthodox but to me this is the optimal state of cleanliness one can reach post baptism
  2. Taking off any article of tight clothing after a long day of wearing said tight clothing
    And grabbing pajama pants and a two size too large tshirt
  3. Being so deeply involved with nature or those surrounding you that social media/technology is irrelevant
  4. Finishing a good book or good TV series
  5. Having an epiphany in the middle of a class lecture
    And you'll think "at last, I'm beginning to understand the world and life as we know it"
  6. Accomplishing something that is psychically challenging
    Like reaching the peak of a mountain, finishing a round of insanity with minimal breaks, or holding a yoga pose so well you forget about the pain
  7. Helping people
    It feels right
  8. When you are singing with others/jamming and creativity is flowing and for a moment everything is synced up
  9. Soldiers reuniting with their families and pets
    Possibly my favorite YouTube genre
  10. Crying
    Sounds strange but nothing is more therapeutic than a good cry
  11. Christmas
    They don't call it the most wonderful time for nothing
  12. Dancing
    Whether it's a class or with your friends acting like fools. I feel happy swing my arms in legs in a timely fashion don't y'all
  13. Enjoying human innovation and creativity
    This is magical I think. Whether it is through architecture, restaurants, candle stores, music or art. Humans can be pretty smart and intentional and I love enjoying some of the good things we have done on Earth
  14. Happy chills
    This is from specific instances that evoke an emotion in you that is so sporadic and so strong that it causes your whole body to convulse, bumps spreading across your skin like's when the tension from a certain chord releases and the world feels right again or when a line from a poem sums up one of life's greatest truths in one sentence