1. Mid-thirties, brunette, new parent of an infant. Probably someone's brother. Could wear a suit like nobody's business.
  2. 55-ish, most likely on his third wife, could totally buy and sell me. Looks like he works with hedge funds. I honestly have no idea what a hedge fund is.
  3. I'm going to guess late forties, had two children graduating today. In incredible shape. Wore shorts to commencement but I wasn't mad in the least.
  4. 30. Pregnant wife/girlfriend. Looks like his name is Grant. Dad in the making but still hot as hell in the dorkiest way possible. Probably incredible in bed.
  5. An educated guess says he's 38. Wasn't actually at the ceremony but he was walking around in a tank top and his chest was hairy and could most likely pick me up over his shoulders and oh look, I'm drooling.