1. LuAnn.
    She's gone on with this Countess charade for 7 seasons now. Not to mention she loves a statement necklace and makes no effort to hide that she straight up trolls for dick on every cast vacation.
  2. Ramona.
    Ramona practically secretes drama. Plus, you know, turtle time.
  3. Bethenny.
    Awful on her own, but she shines in an ensemble cast like this. Plus her talking heads are the stuff of legends.
  4. Jill.
    Drama served on a tacky, diamond-encrusted silver platter. Jill was unapologetically the ultimate JAP.
  5. Sonja.
    Bless Sonja, she's still living in 1995 and exhibits a delusion of grandeur rivaling that of a schizophrenia patient. Plus, the interns!
  6. Heather.
    Holla! I like Heather. She can come off as abrasive and a little misunderstood at times but she's got a lot going for her and her husband is really cute.
  7. Carole.
    Carole is sweet, and nice, and normal and I have a hard time wondering why she's on this show in the first place. Nothing against her though, and she's a Kennedy by marriage!
  8. Alex.
    They gave Alex too much shit during her four-season run on RHONY. Yeah, she was a little off center and didn't really seem to mesh with the other housewives very much, but there's an endearing quality about Alex that I rooted for anyway.
  9. Dorinda.
    It's only been six episodes but I don't have anything bad to say about Dorinda just yet. She's rich, charismatic, and fucking a portly Armenian man who owns a dry cleaning business.
  10. Kristen.
    Kristen's just there. She's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she's pretty!
  11. Aviva.
    If it weren't for the leg toss, she'd be last on this list. However, she was a great scapegoat and I still cackle thinking about the time she requested a wheelchair for an airplane ride and ended up not even going on the trip itself.
  12. Kelly.
    There was always something about Kelly I couldn't get behind. Most likely the fact that she was certifiably insane, a breed that exceeded silly TV drama and went from 0-100 very quickly.
  13. Cindy.