1. Watched someone wipe their hands on the tiled wall in protest of being out of paper towels
  2. Listened to a girl pee for a straight 5 minutes, flush, and then watched her leave WITHOUT washing her hands
  3. Accidentally walked in on someone "spider pooping", that is, squatting with her feet up on the seat with her head in between her legs
  4. Overheard a break up phone conversation that was happening as the girl was peeing
  5. Avoided a freshman poping her pimples in the mirror as she left the water running in the sink
  6. Survived a never ending drought of toilet paper
  7. Struggled to find a toilet that didn't have a live fish in it (may have been a senior prank??)
  8. Made eye contact with someone as they left the faucet running and walked backwards out of the bathroom