When I look at them or use them or am near them, they make me smile and fill me with a delicious feeling of coziness and satisfaction. It's always good to count your blessings and be thankful for the bounty that the universe has provided you.
  1. My cat Savannah
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    Always snuggly and sweet, but sometimes sassy. It's like looking in a mirror. She is my spirit animal and I am her spirit human.
  2. Athleisure
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    A genre of clothing that is all about easy but active living. My favorite piece: these Outdoor Voices mauve leggings. They fit so perfectly and are so comfortable I will wear them all day long on days off, well before and after yoga. The color, a dark, grayish, muted pink, is just a pleasure to look at. They make me feel taller and cooler, like a ballerina who breaks rules, and sort of reinvigorated my love for yoga and physical exercise.
  3. Any New York City view
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    Whenever I feel bad, I remind myself this magnificent kingdom is my home. I am so incredibly lucky, but sometimes, distracted by sidewalk garbage piles or impatient cabbies or whatever/whoever that recently wronged me, I forget.
  4. My pots, pans, dishes, and various kitchen tools
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    I've really grown into cooking in the past few years and amassed a carefully curated and beloved collection of Le Creuset pots, All Clad pans, wooden spoons, white dishes, Heath Ceramics mugs, and miscellaneous necessities that I use all the time. I especially enjoy the process of providing nourishment for myself from scratch, which I find deeply therapeutic.
  5. My Vitamix
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    This is its own bullet point because it was so goddamn expensive I felt like I was buying a car. It does have 2 horsepower, after all. But it has instilled a daily kale smoothie habit for me, which I've kept up with almost everyday that I've been home, and I've had it for two years. It's sort of symbolic of me being an adult and capable of commitment.
  6. My books
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    I keep buying books and I can't read them fast enough, but when I can carve out some time for it, I always wish I could stay with it a little longer. I love new ideas and new stories and being able to not just escape but inhabit a new way of thinking altogether.
  7. My passport
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    A couple years ago, the record of all the countries I've visited in the past decade was erased when I had to get my passport renewed. I've since started fillig up the new one with new stamps, new countries, and new experiences. Traveling makes me feel small and big at the same time, a delightful combination. What a world.