1. 3-Peat of things that went wrong @ O'Hare
  2. Getting to Frankfurt airport @ 5:30am "Let's go to the bars, it's 11:00pm our time."
  3. "You win some, you lose most."
  4. Nick just in love with Maddie @ Ghibillini's
  5. Allesandro @ Ponte de Vecchio then El Camino— America vs. Italy familial violence, gun control
  6. Sketchy guys doing coke two steps in front of our door before the Packer game
  7. FaceTimimg Alana in Nick and Aman's room
  8. Talking with the bartender in Interlaken about rock music, he told Foo Fighters story when they were the penultimate band but played 5.5 hours until the end of the show