Let's see if this works! Add your photos or notes as suggestions.
  1. 6:10pm I'm in the place! It's insanely crowded; maybe some company thing?
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  2. I hope people can find it.
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    I put the tiniest sign possible out
  3. I can't get a drink because I'm afraid of losing the table I am going to dieeeeee
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  5. @sippey bought me a drink God bless his soul!
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  7. @sippey has everyone rapt with his startup pitch
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  8. Also it's a big secret that @sippey has a startup and that he exists at all so shhhhhhhhh #stealthmode
  9. Under pressure from the crowd I published my draft list in HOW I DEFINE SUCCESS
  10. @bjnovak messaged @vina to ask how the meetup is going. We sent some pics.
  11. Man my camera is THE WORST. This is like Bigfoot photography or the Zapruder film.
  12. And I'm out! That was great! Thanks to everyone who came.
  13. Thank you, @evanp for putting this together! Here's half our group photo. CC: @gabimoskowitz and @evan
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    Suggested by @vina