For @taliaralph whom i follow but do not know.
  1. Everyone is so goddamned good looking.
    People dress well; even the hippies. Everyone is pretty attractive and most people have a sexy vibe. It's a good-looking city.
  2. Food
    Big, rich, steaming, glistening food. We have a ton of great restaurants and 10 tons of cheap and fun restaurants. There's a definite Montreal style that's hard to find other places.
  3. Idyllic summer weather
    Gauzy summers with insect noises and rosé.
  4. Street terraces
  5. Bikes
    It's pretty easy to get around on a bike.
  6. MUTEK, Igloofest, Piknic
    Well, it's one of my favourite parts. Brainy trippy electronic music events all year long.
  7. The Metro
    Modern, clean(-ish), and it works.
  8. Cottage country
    So close. So many places to go. So perfect.
  9. The north
    Drive a few hours north or east and you get to the edge of the civilized world. No more roads or electricity. We live on the edge.
  10. French
    It is awesome and it's everywhere. It's rich and bizarre and crazy.
  11. Politics
    It's a given that the purpose of government is to help people and make our lives better.
  12. Low misery index
    There are few people living on the street. There are poor people and some people have it hard but it's just not a place with a lot of sad or mentally ill people sleeping on the sidewalk.
  13. Bixi
    Ingenuity. Social entrepreneurship. Big heavy bikes. Who doesn't swell with pride seeing Bixis in Brooklyn, Boston and Toronto? Those are from our city. We made those.
  14. It feels safe.
    Walking the streets after midnight doesn't feel foolish. People leave their cars and homes unlocked (not everyone, but sometimes).
  15. We build with stone.
    Public buildings and corner stores and private homes are built with stone or stone facades as often as not. The city looks like it was built to last.
  16. Surviving winter
    Winters are pretty amazingly hard. We're all inordinately proud of the fact that we can make it through, and we openly mock people who live in places where the weather is easy all the time. Going to a bar or club during a snow storm is like being at a veterans' reunion. We have a shared adversity that makes us all closer.
  17. Bread and circuses
    From the festivals to the parks to the arts programs, it feels like the government is always trying to delight you with nice free stuff. It's paternalistic, sure, but it's nice to feel like the city and province are there to help you.
  18. Circuses
    A lot of those, too. Can't go to a public park without a clutch of jugglers and a slack line.