1. I've had a couple of apologies to make in the past few days.
  2. Neither person has acknowledged receipt.
  3. For me, I feel like when I get an apology I should accept the apology explicitly if it's acceptable.
  4. If not, I should let the person know what if anything they can do to make the situation right.
  5. Are people who apologize owed a response?
  6. Or is the act of apologizing closure in itself?
  7. Make a suggestion.
  8. Genuinely apologizing is often difficult and usually represents the apologizer's desire to make things right. I think it's extremely tasteless and/or rude to not acknowledge an apology 😕
    Suggested by @kate
  9. I think you're owed a response but I'm a mess so who knows
    Suggested by @tombatten
  10. I think it depends on who and what the situation is. If it's someone you're really close to and you hurt them really bad I get why they wouldn't respond but anything other than the extreme I think it's fair to acknowledge said person even if it's just saying the apology is appreciated but not accepted.
    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty