I have been thinking about my best friendships and what I have done to maintain them and thought I would give some tips.
  1. Prioritize friendship.
    Give your friends equal status in your life with romantic relationships, work, and personal time. You reap what you sow. If you make spending time with friends important, they will make spending time with you important.
  2. Schedule regular time together.
    This is the most important. Weekly or monthly rendezvous are the best. Making it a fixed date on your calendar means you will have to keep it in mind.
  3. See them 1-on-1 *and* with partners/kids/other friends.
    Spending time with friends in multiple social contexts cements your relationship. You become part of their whole life and not just a "work friend" or "party friend". Save time for heart-to-hearts together, too. Friendship is about intimacy.
  4. Open your home.
    Make food or get it catered and invite your friend(s) over. Having friends eat in your house is a powerful way to bring them into your life. Also, it is almost impossible to ghost on your own dinner party.
  5. Take a trip.
    Go off for a weekend or a week. You'll have to do all the things that make friendships deeper: organizing plans, figuring out financials. Make it collaborative and participative.
  6. Make memories.
    Do things out of the ordinary. Try new hobbies together. See art. Go to plays. Stretch boundaries. It's great to head down to the brewpub for a beer, but it's also forgettable. Dig deeper.