This is for me when I write and talk. Sometimes people don't understand me.
  1. Speak with your own voice.
    Don't imitate the voice of a cultural stereotype or a celebrity. Don't try to be objective.
  2. Say what you mean.
    Don't say what you don't mean to prove how wrong it is. Don't be sarcastic or ironic. Don't talk about the causes or consequences of what you mean, expecting your audience to make the connection. Don't be overly modest. Don't flatter.
  3. Be concrete.
    Avoid using imagery, metaphor, or similes. Avoid using slang, even sarcastically. Avoid supporting anecdotes or examples.
  4. Be brief.
    Don't talk about anything except your point. Use simple sentences. Don't use softening words.
  5. Be prepared for questions.
    Don't cut off objections or clarifications. Answer only the questions that come up.