1. It's not you, it's me.
  2. I've raised my personal expectations of what posting a list is supposed to mean.
  3. Just writing a few things doesn't seem like enough.
  4. Now it's gotta be epic.
  5. So every time I start the app and start to write something I get that fatigue and think I should maybe do this later.
  6. Writing longform text is not convenient on iOS devices.
  7. So now instead of opening the list app and getting some warm fuzzy feelings...
  8. I open the app (or just look at the icon) and get cold prickly ones
  9. I have a lot of responsibility in my life and I don't particularly crave another one
  10. I need to find some cheap wins that give me endorphin rushes out of the list app when I'm waiting in line for coffee or between sets at the gym
  11. Because nobody uses an app to get bad feelings
  12. I might churn out
  13. And if I do, other people will too
  14. Bad for the app and the community
  15. 💔