I spent the weekend at YXYY in Palm Springs. Here's what I got done today on my trip back to Montreal.
  1. Got up at 4:00 to make my 6:15 flight.
  2. Waited 30 minutes for a cab that never came.
    When I called for the second time they were all like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so I had to call the only other cab company in P.S. Luckily they sent someone. Unluckily he didn't know how to use Google Maps and drove back and forth past my hotel while I yelled and chased him. Finally I called dispatch to tell him to STOP and I'd come to him.
  3. Made my flight on time, anyway. 💅🏻
  4. Volunteered to get bumped off the flight.
    I know, right? But I had a 7-hour layover in DFW anyway so taking a later flight was just waiting in a different place. And that sweet, sweet voucher was impossible to resist.
  5. Downloaded the Game of Thrones season finale on the airport wifi.
    Damn that torrent was fast yo.
  6. Watched GoT in the black car from Palm Springs to LAX.
    😱 I had a chatty driver who I think really wanted to talk a lot about traffic and weather and kinds of cars and what a bad driver THAT guy is but dude I am having a lot of feels about Stannis Baratheon back here so please don't make me pull out my earbuds again to answer a non-crucial question. Also, it's 7:30 in the morning and I can't really come up with much to say about LA weather patterns.
  7. Had a tight connection in DFW.
  8. Managed to get BBQ at Cousin's anyway.
    Meaning I ate at all the BBQ places in DFW this trip.
  9. Watched Chappie on the flight from DFW to YUL.
    What a piece of shit. But Die Antwoort are totally fun to watch. They acted the fuck out of that movie. They're like the South African Trailer Park Boys.
  10. Wrote some real AI code on the plane.
    It didn't learn how to love, though.