1. I got up with the kids and got them out to camp.
  2. Then I played Card Wars. Kinda hooked.
  3. Off to the Maison de Rôti to buy meat for the 4th. Ribs, chicken, ground beef and ground lamb and sausages.
  4. Bought clothes for Comiccon Montreal on Sunday. My wife and kids are all doing Adventure Time outfits so I'm gonna try to be Jake the Dog. But I can't buy yellow clothes so I'm getting white stuff and dying it.
  5. Wife called; she's at the fabric store. She's getting me some fleece and she's going to sew me a Jake the Dog hat. She's great.
  6. Home to brine the chickens and dry rub the ribs.
  7. Out to the store to buy dye.
  8. Back home. Wife has pinned up the hat. It is awesome.
  9. To the bank to transfer $$$ for lawyers because business.
  10. To the gym for high-reps arms and shoulders because 💪🏽
  11. Back home to make lamb meatballs while the kids relax after camp.
  12. Drive to the Village au Pied du Courant to hang out in a hammock, catch the sunset and have a big can of beer.
  13. Food trucks at Première Vendredi at the Olympic Stadium . MADHOUSE. Share lobster rolls, cheddar wurst, pierogis, pavlova, lammikins, kielbasa and turkey sausage with the fam.
  14. Home for bedtime.
  15. Now I'm dying my clothes yellow and hoping I can sleep soon. Gotta get the smoker started at 9am tomorrow.