Inspired by @lucas and @sophia
  1. L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
    They only grow in mini-malls
  2. Laundromat
    Not the unbearably hot kind. The cool and shady kind, with a lot of chairs and an old Coke machine.
  3. Rasputin's
    Shit how did this get here! Look at all these records! Is that "Gas Food Lodging"? Yes it is! Hey it's "Camper Van Chadbourne"! Nice.
  4. Taqueria Cancun
    Oh no I couldn't possibly I'm so full of lemua pork and potato salad OK maybe just one carne asada super burrito I'm just going to pick at it.
  5. Aardvark's Odd Ark
    Are these some original Joe Bark board shorts? Who gave these away?! And they fit perfectly. I think they go well with my Swedish navy surplus pea coat but I'd like to solicit your opinion before purchasing.
  6. Pep Boys
    The three best friends your car ever had. Manny, are those 1972 Citroen DS oil filters I ordered in stock yet? Hey, looking good, Moe! Yes I am ignoring you Jack don't think for a second I've forgotten your behavior.
  7. Cinnabon
    Don't mind if I do! GLOMPH GLOMPH GLOMPH
  8. Jack's Surfboards
    Yeah I don't know how to use any of those surfing items but I could really use a new pair of checkerboard Vans slipons and maybe throw in a Mr Zogs Sex Wax long-sleeve T.
  9. Green Apple Books
    I thought this place closed! But it just moved here to my dream mini-mall. Savvy business move. So I'm going to be reading "Blood Meridian" back in the stacks for a couple hours gang so hold my calls.
  10. Super Duper Burger
    Oh no I'm so full after that burrito but OK let's do this thing.
  11. Central Computer
    Hmm after careful deliberation I would like to get the black and gold computer case with dragon scales that projects Chinese characters with lasers on the walls every time I win at Starcraft. Yes I will be paying cash.
  12. Thrifty
    25 cent ice cream cone? Don't mind if I do!
  13. Arahova
    Damn I really shouldn't but I really want an old-fashioned gyro plate with Greek salad instead of fries and extra tzatziki. Oh and a taramosalata to start out thanks!
  14. Games of Berkeley
    Yeah! I'll take Agricola and the latest Fate Codex please! Hey don't tell the guys at the surf shop I came in here. Wait: is that them in the back playing Card Wars? Tsup brah! Floop that pig.
  15. The Attic
    I thought you closed! But you just moved to the anchor spot in my dream mini-mall instead. You must have got the idea from Green Apple Books. All my friend are here! What's that you say? Happy hour 2-for-one well drinks? Don't mind if I do! Give me four martinis while I wait for my dryer to finish at the laundromat.