I had a pretty good one.
  1. Woke up to breakfast in bed.
    French toast, bacon, fruit salad, coffee.
  2. Got this sweet card from my daughter
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    It's got an RPG character sheet on it. +1 funny, +2 nice, +3 generous❤️❤️❤️
  3. Went to the running store and got these sweet shoes.
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    I really needed some shoes.
  4. Then I took my son to the pool.
    It was drizzling and cold and we had the whole pool to ourselves.
  5. Then me and my son went shopping.
    We got ribs, and chicken, and corn, and stuff for making banana cream pie.
  6. Then we made banana cream pie.
    We were great at it. Oh, and we got those ribs and chicken marinating.
  7. Then we played Card Wars.
    He creamed me, again.
  8. Then my daughter came home.
    She went on a sleepover birthday party last night. They went to a drive-in movie!
  9. Then I went for a run on Mont Royal.
    I listened to the In Our Times podcast about the Siege of Vienna.
  10. Then I came home and cooked those ribs and chicken and corn real good.
  11. Then we watched Steven Universe.
    The best. We're just getting caught up on Season Three. shit is coming undone.
  12. Then the food was cooked and we ate dinner.
  13. Then we watched Adventure Time and ate banana cream pie.
    Last couple episodes. Oh my glob, I'm such a better dad than Martin.
  14. The pie was delicious.
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    Kinda messy but who cares?
  15. Then I got a smoker.
    Damn, it's a good day.
  16. Now, I gotta call my Dad.
    And tell him that I love him.