I get way more into podcasts than I do into other media (sorry, watercolor miniatures!) and I'm always on the lookout for amazing ones. Please do not suggest This American Life or Serial or I will call you out as a basic n00b.
  1. Hello from the Magic Tavern
    http://bit.ly/1JJNoAp Set in a medieval fantasy world called Foon, it's a talk-show-style podcast hosted by a human from Earth, a wizard, and a talking badger. They interview giant eagles, elven archers, goblins and bards. Fall-out-of-your-chair funny.
  2. The Black Tapes Podcast
    http://bit.ly/1igjKwI a brilliant send-up of Serial, Startup, and other public-radio spin-out podcasts. Alex Reagan, the fictional producer, works with also-fictional paranormal debunker Richard Strand to investigate the hardest cases he has - the soi-disant Black Tapes. Covering exorcisms, hauntings, Sumerian gods, demon possession and evil geometry, the podcast is detailed, fascinating and scary. I don't listen at night.
  3. How Did This Get Made!
    Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Manzoukas watch a terrible movie and then spend an hour unpacking it, making fun of it, and asking the hard hitting questions no one has asked before. It's absolutely hysterical and a great, fun, easy listen. This is my go to when I'm stuck in LA traffic.
    Suggested by @TJ
  4. What's the Point
    If you like to geek out on data and people who can make it accessible, this new gem from fivethirtyeight is 💯
    Suggested by @NoahGeisel
  5. Kingship Podcast from IDEO Futures
    Great design thinking and execution tips with interesting guests talking about changing the world. Lots of Block Chain talk (the tech behind Bitcoin). Their slogan: "Don't get ready, get started"
    Suggested by @NoahGeisel
  6. Hardcore History, Dan Carlin
    Suggested by @EricW
  7. Scriptnotes! @johnaugust & Craig are awesome.
    Suggested by @AllieLarkin
  8. You Must Remember This -- particularly the Manson's Hollywood series
    Suggested by @kellysue
  9. Stuff Mom Never Told You
    Women talking about women in history and pop culture- everything from anthropology and the history of samurai women to Judy Blume and waist training. It's really fun and informative!
    Suggested by @ohlauren
  10. My Brother My Brother and Me
    It's three brothers who dispense advice on the fly to yahoo answers users and listeners who write in. They've got excellent chemistry and are very funny.
    Suggested by @williamharrison