The Spider-Man franchise was sub-licensed in the 1940s to the state publishing monopoly for domestic use only. The property remains very popular in Turkey although the story has diverged quite a bit from the American version.
  1. Can grow 4x his normal size
  2. Can shrink 1/4 his normal size
    Or anywhere in between. Weirdly he can't get as small as an actual spider which ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Note that he's not the same strength as normal; little Spidey has problems opening doors and moving boxes.
  3. Super strength
    "As strong as 11 strong men". 11 is a lucky number in Turkey.
  4. Spins a web
    From his body. It's kind of uncomfortable.
  5. Can smell a lie
    When people lie they give off "fear pheromones" and like a real spider he can identify and capitalize on this. Happens almost every issue.
  6. Master poisoner
    Spidey is great at putting "non-deadly toxins" in the food and beverages of other people. He sometimes masquerades as a coffee vendor to slip a Mickey to a crime boss or Communist agitator or whatever. He's very clear that he only uses poison for good, never evil.
  7. Great at managing money
    Spiders are considered very industrious in Turkish culture, so Spidey is portrayed as being thrifty and careful. He sometimes helps police forces or clueless overseas companies get their budgets under control with simple cost-cutting measures.
  8. Climbing
    Just like regular Spider-Man.
  9. Heat-ray eyes
    Some kind of radioactive power. He can fire little bursts of energy like bullets, or a sustained burn to cut through steel or concrete. Not that frequently used.
  10. Turn invisible
    Kind of. More like super-camouflage. But it comes out to the same thing. Nobody can see him.
  11. Powers work best at night
    Probably the biggest difference; Spidey's powers are most effective during night time, in the dark. During the day he has to work extra hard to use even one power, and it takes a lot out of him. Sometimes it just doesn't work.