I live in Quebec, the province where 80% of Canada's French-speakers live. It's a lovably weird place, and one of its quirks is how people cuss -- called "sacrer". Instead of using words for body parts and excretion and reproduction, Québécois people cuss by referring to stuff you find in a church.
  1. "Tabarnak"
    Tabernacle, the place the communion host is stored. This is the most common sacrer; it's the go-to swear, like the Québécois "fuck".
  2. "Osti"
    The communion wafer itself. "Osti en tabernak" ("host in the tabernacle!") is another classic swear.
  3. "Calisse"
    Chalice. Where the wine goes. I always hear this stretched out: caaaaaaaaalisse.
  4. "Cris"
    Christ. More severe than in English.
  5. "Baptême"
    Baptism. I think it's mostly used for a big mess , like a clusterfuck.
  6. "Vierge"
    Virgin, as in Mary. Kind of synonymous with "bitch", which feels kind of unfair.
  7. "Ciboire"
    Some kind of vestments, I think. Or maybe the plate that the Eucharist goes on.
  8. Any combination of the above
    You can string a whole bunch of sacrers together. They don't have to make logical sense. "Calisse de tabernak de bapteme" is totally valid sacrer.