Look: Star Wars is terrible garbage and I hate it.
  1. It's full of mystic woo-woo bullshit.
    The entire series revolves around the Force and getting it back in balance or out of balance or something like that. Anyone who thinks that The Force is not the most important thing to think about every waking second is shown to be a complete jackass. Propaganda-wise, it's worse than "Davy and Goliath."
  2. There are lots of slaves and everyone's cool with that.
    Many of the planets in the so-called Republic that we see have slaves. Nobody -- not even the good guys -- thinks this is a problem that needs to be solved. They are totally copacetic with slavery as an institution.
  3. It's elitist.
    Nothing is as awesome as being a Jedi. 1 Jedi is more valuable than anyone else. Even billions of people working together in something like the Rebel Alliance are laughably ineffectual compared to one fakir with a light sword.
  4. It's discriminatory against aliens.
    The only non-humans portrayed are comic relief like Jar Jar and Chewbacca or snarling one dimensional foils like Jabba or that bat-nosed guy in the Cantina. They are from start to finish simplistic, depersonalized cartoons. The most developed non-human character in the series is Yoda, who progresses from inscrutability and pompousness in his first appearance to... pretty much identical inscrutability and pompousness in the last.
  5. It's discriminatory against AI.
    At least *some* humans and non-human organic species have freedom in the Star Wars universe. Not so for artificial intelligences. We never see independent droids with the liberty to live their own lives; they are always indentured labour bound to humans. Need a few million expendable soldiers? Use some droids. Fuck them.
  6. It's discriminatory against clones.
    I mean, for crying out loud. Genetically-engineered cannon fodder, led by the so-called good guys into the meat-grinder of war without any compunction or second thoughts. "Great! We have a big-ass clone army! Let's use it to kill some droids!" Clones versus droids: battle of the century between the valueless subhuman garbage armies.
  7. Women have no agency.
    This is well-trod territory but it bears repeating: there are practically no women in the series and those that do appear have little or no agency. They're flat and boring characters, and everyone is fine with pushing them out of the way and ignoring them as if they were nothing but dirty aliens or droids or clones or something.
  8. It's not clear who to root for.
    Everyone is all excited that Anakin Skywalker is the one who will bring balance back to the Force. Usually "balance" is a positive trait, but how exactly was it out of balance when he arrived? It seems like there are too many good guys and only two Sith who haven't been seen in a generation or three. And he brings back "balance" by helping to take over the galaxy, impose martial law, and committing genocide on planets like Alderaan. No thanks! Keep your shitty "balance".
  9. Everyone is terrible and society sucks.
    In Star Trek, set a couple hundred years in our future, poverty and disease have been eliminated. Humans work together with aliens to explore the universe and understand its wonders. Compare the Star Wars universe, where everyone is venal and stupid. The government (Republic and Empire) is brutal and corrupt, and businesspeople are selfish cheats and scoundrels. The noblest characters are the Jedi, who put all their efforts into preserving and protecting.. The Jedi. Fuck everyone else.
  10. Nothing ever gets better.
    Fans of the extended universe know that the battle between the Sith and Jedi goes back literally tens of thousands of years. All this stuff with Empires and Death Stars and murdered younglings? It's a blip; part of the big cycle of misery and conflict that is The Force. It's frustrating to engage with a series where nobody learns anything and the miserable social environs continues forever with no hope of change.