I've been trying to stay in touch with people who've been kicked off the app to find out the reasons they were given for being dismissed. Apparently you have to sign some kind of release so most folks were tight-lipped but I got a few people to talk off the record. Here are their stories.
  1. Not famous enough.
    This is apparently a big one. If you snuck onto the List App but you're not famous eventually they track you down and show you the door. Nice try, gate crasher.
  2. Recommended last year's hot taco shack.
    Rookie move. If you're going to make a recommendation list then do some research, people. If it's been in @LAmag already then it's too late.
  3. Pedestrian avatar.
    Full frontal face? BOTH eyeballs visible? ¿Como se dice "basic"?
  4. Liked the wrong stuff about the Game of Thrones season finale.
    Were you even paying attention?
  5. Used the photo feature wrong.
    There's a right way and a wrong way and you did it wrong and now you're fired.
  6. Inaccurate skin color on emoji.
    If you use 👴🏽 instead of 👴🏼 at the wrong time you are really insensitive.
  7. Not enough stars.
    I guess we're all supposed to be making some kind of weekly quota? Was anybody else told about this? I'm really out of the loop.
  8. Talked about bathroom stuff.
    Gross. Everyone is appalled. What is wrong with you?
  9. Insincere emotions.
    How did you really feel about that dented fender? Go deep or go home.
  10. Spread false rumors about the List App.
    The Farm, immediately.