In no particular order
  1. Dude eating potato chips at his desk two rows away
    What kind of ape person
  2. I only found out about #analaugust today and it's already August 31
    I feel like 30 days of anal are owed to me
  3. Rude person ruined my night on Saturday and tried to make me feel like a bad person
    Unrelated to #analaugust FYI
  4. Dog I'm dogsitting is starting to develop an attitude
    Won't come when called and lollygags when on a walk and this aggression will not stand
  5. It's really hard to link to a list in TLA
    Nothing is intertwingled
  6. I lost an earring
    Lack of pride in craftsmanship -> collapse of civilization
  7. This unit test suite takes 30 minutes to run and crashes my computer
    Aaaaaaaargh so painful
  8. Diet Coke has 10x the caffeine of decaf coffee
    Come to think of it this might be strongly correlated with feelings of fury